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Andrea has a passion for helping people of all walks of life. Her journey into chiropractic began 30 years ago when, as Dr. Andrew Scott’s wife, she managed Scott Health Centre in Vaughan, while Dr. Scott completed his Chiropractic education.


Dr. Scott and Andrea are actually high school sweethearts. They journeyed to university together in Waterloo where she studied Urban and Regional Planning and Environmental Studies at The University of Waterloo, while her not yet husband attended Wilfred Laurier University to prepare for his journey into Chiropractic school four years later.


As she entered the Scott family, Andrea became passionate about helping people become healthier through chiropractic and holistic methods. Together, the Scotts raised three children (now grown) with all natural means. They have led many families into a wellness lifestyle over the years, by first living it themselves.

In addition to managing a busy chiropractic clinic with her husband, she is a very active supporter of Compassion Canada and Samaritan's Purse. She is a strong believer that we can change the world in a powerful way by changing the world of the children who have been forgotten in society. She believes that every child deserves a chance to be who God created them to be. Her life credo is summed up by the acronym HOPE: “Helping Other People Elevate.” This is the fire that brings her spirit to life each and every day.


All of us at Scott Family Chiropractic are grateful to the leadership, compassion, and hope that Andrea continues to bring to every person who comes across her path. You will likely find her wearing multiple hats in the clinic - greeting people at reception, holding a baby, assisting Dr. Scott with note taking, conducting new patient exams and progress exams, are all part of a typical day for her.


Oh, and by the way, she is also really amazing at giving a well-needed hug at just the right time!



Ally has spent her entire life as a health advocate. While growing up in a chiropractic family she has always been passionate about human physiology, anatomy, nutrition, exercise, chiropractic, and helping people elevate their health through natural and effective means.


Her passion for helping people and her experiences in a clinical setting have led her to pursue a career in chiropractic. She can be found in the clinic as our exam specialist spending time with patients to learn about their health concerns, performing posture evaluations and spinal health tests, and answering questions from patients. Ally also manages the social media pages for the clinic, and organizes clinic in-house promotions and patient out-reach events.


The fact is, she has been called, “one of the most incredible chiropractors in Canada, who hasn’t yet completed her chiropractic education.” Once her educational process is complete, she will be one of a number of third generation chiropractors, along side her two grandparents and her dad. Ally is currently pursuing a Kinesiology and Health Sciences BSc. from York University. She is then planning to attend Life University's Chiropractic College program to become a chiropractor herself.


Over the past 10 years, Ally has been a chiropractic assistant, health advocate, examination specialist, social media manager, and clinic manager in 4 different chiropractic clinics in the province. She brings her passion for helping people, her years of experience in clinical settings, and her love for chiropractic to every patient interaction. Scott Family Chiropractic is blessed to have her knowledge, love, and skills on our team.



Jules is all love and heart. Anyone who spends a little bit of time with her will realize she is a gentle, kind soul. Patients love to spend time with her--seniors, kids, and everyone in between. She brings a much needed calm to each and everyone in the clinic. Her gentle voice and calming spirit are always appreciated by the team and patients alike.


Jules is one of our examination specialists. In the clinic, you will mostly find Jules assisting with new patient exams and progress exams. She has a deep understanding of the chiropractic profession and the wellness lifestyle, and a gift for communicating it to patients. Very often you will find her holding babies and toddlers. In fact, once the kiddos discover this sweet soul, they run into the clinic to find her. She has an incredible ability to keep them entertained during their visit so that their parents can feel more relaxed and focused during their appointment.


Jules grew up in a chiropractic family. Her dad, her grandparents, several cousins, and even a great uncle, are all chiropractors. She herself is planning to become a chiropractor too! In her private time you will find her creative spirit coming alive through her incredible skills with fine art. She attended Nipissing University where she pursued a BFA in Fine Arts. She is currently completing her perquisite sciences as she is planning to attend Life University's Chiropractic College to become one of the third generation chiropractors in her family.


We will all miss her very much when she travels south to Life University!



Spence has always had a passion for helping other people. Friends, clients, and coworkers would describe him as someone who always goes above and beyond to make you feel heard, appreciated, and cared for. Spence cares deeply about the health and happiness of others, and can always be counted on to lend a helping hand.


Spence can be found in the clinic greeting and welcoming patients, assisting them with their appointments and schedules, and ensuring that they have the best experience possible when coming to our clinic. In fact, it will likely be his voice you hear on the phone when calling to make an appointment with us. Providing excellent customer service has always been a strength of his!


Spence did not grow up in a chiropractic family, but has become a passionate advocate for chiropractic through his own transformational experience with chiropractic care. Throughout many years of playing hockey at a highly competitive level, Spence had suffered numerous concussion injuries and sport-related injuries. Throughout his recovery, Spence attended appointments with many different doctors and health professionals, but nothing seemed to help... until chiropractic. Chiropractic helped him feel better than he had in years. In fact, he describes his first chiropractic adjustment as feeling like "the lights were turned back on."


Spence has currently completed a diploma in Mental Health Counselling from CTS Canadian Career College. He is planning to continue his education at the Exercise Science BSc. program at Life University. From there he hopes to go on to become a chiropractor himself, so that he can help others in the same way that chiropractic helped him.

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