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"Chiropractic's purpose is to maintain maximum performance of all body functions." — B.J. Palmer (Developer of  Chiropractic) 

Over the years, Chiropractic care has become a key factor in the maintenance of health and athletic performance for  athletes at all levels of sport. Why? Because regular chiropractic care helps ensure that the body is functioning and  moving properly, so that athletes can put their very best into their game. 

Chiropractic adjustments and postural support exercises work towards optimizing the function of the nervous system and  the musculoskeletal system. Athletes have reported improvements in the following areas while under regular chiropractic care:

• Posture 
• Muscle strength 
• Endurance  
• Speed 
• Focus 
• Flexibility 
• Reaction time 
• Pain 
• Injury prevention
• Recovery from injury 
• Quality of life 

Chiropractors are knowledgeable in the assessment and care of many common sports injuries. Furthermore, due to the  fact that Chiropractors are very educated in anatomy, physiology, and exercise, they can recommend appropriate posture  habits and exercises that can help prevent further injury.

Research is fast emerging about the benefits of chiropractic care for athletic performance. Additionally, numerous elite  athletes in various sports attest to the fact that chiropractic care improves their performance. Regardless of age or athletic  ability, we can all benefit from a properly aligned and flexible spine.

Read below to see what many elite athletes have to say about their experiences with chiropractic care!

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