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“Chiropractic Care Has Changed Our Family” 

Dear Dr. Andrew:

We thought we’d write you a few words about how impressed we are after having undergone your chiropractic  adjustments over the past couple of months. We used to believe that Chiropractors simply fix people’s back problems, and  the only reason anyone would ever go see a Chiropractor is if he or she had a “bad back.” We quickly realized after our  initial consultation with you that once it comes to chiropractic there are two schools of thought, the old school where  Chiropractors take a very narrow approach to healing backs, and the new school where Chiropractors take a holistic  approach to healing the entire body. We have transformed into believing in the new school of chiropractic.

Over the past two months we have observed some amazing improvements with our bodies. For starters, the kids are  much more relaxed and calm, both at home and at school. Our entire family’s sleeping patterns and habits have  noticeably improved. Our bodies are better able to handle the daily stresses in life, starting from fewer headaches, to less  muscle tension. But most importantly, we are becoming more “in tune” with our bodies.

In the past, most people went through their entire lives unaware of how the body works, thinking only that traditional  medicines should be used in the healing process. Today, we believe there is a shift in the way people view the body’s  healing process, with natural and homeopathic alternatives becoming more widely accepted. We are firm believers that the body has a natural healing ability. This process starts with an awareness of our own bodies, believing in the power of  the mind and spirit, and utilizing the natural remedies available to us in helping us align our bodies back to their natural state.

For us, chiropractic adjustments, along with other good lifestyle habits, such as a balanced diet, proper exercise and rest,  have become paramount for a long and healthy life. Dr. Andrew, to you and your wonderful support staff, thank you for  helping our family. We look forward to a continued long-term relationship with you.


Manuela, Paul, Corinna, and Matthew P. 

“Numbness in My Legs Chained Me to My Bed”

Dr. Andrew Scott saved my life.

Back in October 1998, I was suffering from a pinched nerve in my left leg. The numbness and constant pain in my leg was  progressively getting worse. I felt like I was chained to my bed and was doubting the reliability of conventional medicine.  After two weeks in bed I lost hope in the system and my body’s ability to function readily. Since I had Rheumatoid Arthritis,  I felt I needed to get back on my feet before my joints stiffened up.

My sister in law told me about Dr. Wayne Scott (Dr. Andrew’s Father) and how he had helped her on numerous occasions.  His son, Dr. Andrew Scott was taking new patients, so I went to him. What a God-send Dr. Andrew was! He gave me  treatment in my home for the first week. The second week I was able to visit his office on my own. What an  accomplishment that was for me.

As I continued to visit Dr. Andrew the numbness and pain in my leg was tremendously alleviated, and as an added bonus  my arthritis didn’t flare up. In addition, as Dr. Scott began working on my neck and my back, my neck problems improved  and my headaches went away. I’ve also become very interested in Natural Medicines and following a more healthy  lifestyle. I’m gradually weaning myself off prescription drugs.

Dr. Andrew’s positive attitude and enthusiasm is infectious. His smile makes you smile. He is willing to answer my many  questions about my health openly and honestly. 
Now I receive an adjustment every two weeks as a healthy preventative measure.

Thank-you Dr. Scott for giving me my life back.

Your Patient, Diane. 

“The Gentle Touch Helps So Much” 

“I have found chiropractic to have many positive effects on me. My friends and family are noticing them as well. I find I  have less neck, lower back, and middle back pains. It also makes me more confident than before. I also like how the  adjustments have a gentle touch and yet they do so much. In all I think chiropractic is great and helps people in many positive ways.” 

— Jessica  

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