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CHIROPRACTIC & KIDS (Pediatric Care) 

“The earlier abnormal spinal function could be recognized and corrected in a child’s life, the greater the opportunity that  child will have for neurological development.” — Dr. David Heilig

Most people are surprised how many children are benefiting from gentle chiropractic adjustments. When they see just  how gentle and relaxing it is, even the little wee ones (often they’ll sleep right through), their opinion changes for the  better. They soon realize kids simply love getting adjusted! 
Some common questions that people have about kids getting adjusted are:

• “What is wrong with them?” 
• “Do they have a back problem?” 
• "Why would a kid need to see a chiropractor?"







These types of questions come from the mistaken idea that chiropractic is only for people with pain or people with  damaged spines. The reality is, the purpose of chiropractic care is to optimize nervous system function through  chiropractic adjustments, postural support, and wellness education.  

We begin the journey with families by evaluating any areas of stress (physical, mental, or toxicological) that may be  impacting the spine and the nervous system. We commonly find that children have experienced many falls, awkward  sleep positions, emotional stresses, and even chemical toxicity exposure, that can over time lead to stress around the  spine and the nervous system. We will evaluate their posture, spinal alignment, muscle balance and neurological integrity  to determine what needs to done to help them achieve optimal nervous system function. 

For many children, the greatest stress is the birth process where force is often used to bring the infant into the world.  Sadly, many children are born with pulling, stretching, and twisting of the very delicate structures around their neck. This  stress on the spine can lead to subluxation interference to the delicate nerves at the top of the neck. This can lead to  problems in even areas remote from the spine.

Chiropractic patients will often testify how their children are experiencing health improvements in many areas, such as  digestion, breathing, sleeping, and even immunity, once they are moving and aligned properly. The chiropractic approach  to children is not to treat any conditions, but rather to correct the alignment of the spine to relieve pressure on the child’s  nervous system. 
Miracles often occur fastest in the paediatric population as they carry within them an incredible potential to heal without  the years of damage and degeneration that often comes with the adult population.

If you have questions or concerns about anything related to chiropractic and kids we welcome you to schedule a time to  talk to us and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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