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In 1996, a young Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) graduate with a passion to see more healthy families in his community started his own practice in Vaughan, Ontario. Inspired by the legacy of his parents, Drs. Wayne and Leslie Scott (founders of the highly-respected Scott Health Centre in Vaughan, ON), Dr. Andrew and his wife, Andrea, decided to carry on the family tradition and named their new clinic Scott Family Chiropractic. They were privileged to see the health and vitality of many children in their clinic improve with chiropractic care, and were very excited to see many of the parents and grandparents of the children come on board with chiropractic care. It was quite normal for entire families to get adjusted together and get healthy together. The Scott Family quickly realized that families who got adjusted together, thrived together. Before long, Scott “FAMILY” Chiropractic became just that: a wellness Clinic for multigenerational families. From this, the SFC mission was born: to empower families to live healthier through compassion, education, and life-changing chiropractic care…


Along side their own growing young family of three children, the Scott Family encouraged other families, through example and wellness education, to raise their children naturally. As much as regular chiropractic care was an essential part of healthy living, so were many other aspects of health. Dr. Scott hosted many workshops and community events geared towards educating his patients on the importance of living a balanced, wellness-oriented lifestyle. Dr. Scott also spoke at several of Vaughan’s high schools and businesses regularly, and was a wellness expert guest on a local radio show. The goal of this community outreach was to empower patients to aspire towards their wellness goals, and to make preventative health care a priority. Dr. Scott believes that patients armed with an understanding of the necessary building blocks of health are able to make educated health choices for themselves and for their families.

Years went by and Dr. Scott noticed that many of the babies who were born into the clinic, and had continued under care throughout their childhood, had now grown into strong and healthy young adults. Some of Dr. Scott’s patients had even gone on to became chiropractors themselves, and others were now starting their own families and bringing their children into the clinic for a spinal check up. What a blessing!


Dr. Scott and Andrea’s children, Ally, Julia, and AJ were all very much a part of the patient culture in the clinic while growing up, and eventually joined the Scott Family Chiropractic team and became part of the family business. Eventually the Scott family was also blessed to have one of their nieces, Kayla, join the team as a dedicated and excellent chiropractic assistant. Scott Family Chiropractic grew into a multi-award winning and thriving Wellness Centre.


After more than 23 years of dedicated service to the Vaughan community, the Scott Family realizing their small town had transformed into a big city, decided to carry their passion for family wellness to the beautiful community of Midland, Ontario. They were drawn here by Georgian Bay’s natural beauty and the genuine friendliness and kindness of the town’s people. In return for this gift, they are excited to give back to the Midland community by helping the families and individuals reach their health goals.


The Scott Family are excited to open their new clinic, SCOTT FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC NORTH. The Scott Family brings with them decades of experience, the love of God, and the love of family. Additionally, Dr. Scott and Andrea are very excited to announce that, both of their daughters have joined the team at the new Midland Clinic, and are both on route to becoming 3rd generation Doctors of Chiropractic.


We invite all new patients to come and be a part of our growing wellness family. We want to help all of Midland and surrounding areas grow into a stronger, healthier, and thriving community.


Yours in Love and Wellness,


The Scott Family

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