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"Proper spinal function can help balance a key component of the body, the autonomic nervous system, which regulates  many aspects of of health; from blood pressure, heart beat and breathing, to gut function, sexual arousal, and controlling  stress levels." — European Spine Journal

Stress seems to be a never ending battle in our lives today. All too often people get trapped in cycles of worry, insufficient  sleep, and chronic muscle tension. This cycle leads to increased stress hormones being released in the body such as  cortisol and adrenaline. This is problematic because when the body is in this highly stressed state, especially over a long  period of time, it can’t function or heal properly. This is why it has often been called the silent killer. Most doctors will attest  to the fact that chronic or extreme stress is a major contributing factor in many health conditions, including, but not limited  to, cancer, thyroid dysfunction, high blood pressure, and various mental/emotional health challenges.

The Chiropractic approach toward stress is very unique; chiropractors work to remove stress from the musculoskeletal  system and interference from the nervous system, that may be originating from the spine. This allows for more sufficient communication from the brain to the body and from the body back to the brain. This optimized communication pathway,  along with the well-known calming effects of human touch, places the body in a better state to be able to reduce stress  hormones and muscle tension.

Regular chiropractic care utilizes gentle adjustments and postural support exercises to promote healthy posture and  spinal alignment, both of which are incredibly important in reducing the levels of physical stress placed in the nervous  system and the musculoskeletal system. Often when physical stress is reduced in the body, the patient is then able to  heal better, sleep better, and better manage the ups and downs of daily stress.

Patients often comment on how much more relaxed they feel immediately after their adjustment. One of the most common  findings on progress evaluations with patients is that their sleep has improved remarkably and they are able to manage  their stress better after beginning Chiropractic care. As the interference in the nervous system is reduced, the body is able  to reduce the release of stress hormones and break the cycle of stress.

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