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"Posture affects and moderates every physiological function from breathing to hormone production." — American Journal  of Pain Management

It has often been said that “posture is a window into your health.” At Scott Family Chiropractic, we take posture evaluation  and correction very seriously because we know how devastating poor posture can be to many functions in the body.

With the increase of modern technology in the work place, in schools, and in our homes, the effects of poor posture are  becoming a bigger and bigger problem. Forward head posture (a.k.a. anterior head carriage), a condition in which the  head is not properly aligned with the neck and the shoulders, is a crisis of our times. Forward head posture is caused by  poor posture habits, specifically, leaning forward and looking down for extended periods of time (e.g., such as when using  a cell phone or computer). Left uncorrected, this leads to strain of the neck, upper back, and chest muscles; degeneration  of our joints and intervertebral (spinal) discs; and over time, can even lead to permanent damage to the spinal cord.

Uncorrected posture can lead to other more global issues in the body, as it creates a tethering stretch and pull in the  brainstem and the spinal cord. This kind of pressure on the nervous system can negatively affect the communication  pathways in the body, which can lead to numerous health problems. Many people suffering from forward head posture  report experiencing symptoms, such as:

• Headaches 
• Migraines 
• Muscle tension 
• Back pain 
• Breathing difficulties  
• Poor sleep 
• Low energy 
• Digestion difficulties 
• Poor concentration 
• Decreased immune system function 
• Stress 
• Nerve pain 
• Nerve tingling and/or numbness 
• Difficulty relaxing

An integral part of a patient’s spinal care in our clinic is developing a program that addresses the cause and the correction  of poor posture. This will likely involve a combination of adjustment techniques, corrective stretches, postural support  exercises, and instruction on healthy posture habits. 

It has been a pleasure to help thousands of people improve their posture over the years. Poor posture is a preventable  and correctable problem for those willing to follow the recommendations of their chiropractor.

Remember, your posture affects your spine; your spine affects your nervous system; your nervous system regulates the  function of your entire body; and the function of your entire body affects your overall quality of life. Posture matters!

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